change originator

All incoming Messages have originator field that identifies an entity that submits Message. It could be a Device, Asset, Customer, Tenant, etc.

This node is used in cases when a submitted message should be processed as a message from another entity. For example, Device submits telemetry and telemetry should be copied into higher level Asset or to a Customer. In this case, Administrator should add this node before save Timeseries node.

The originator can be changed to:

  • Originator’s Customer

  • Originator’s Tenant

  • Related Entity that is identified by Relations Query

In ‘Relations query’ configuration Administrator can select required Direction and relation depth level. Also set of Relation filters can be configured with required Relation type and Entity Types.

If multiple Related Entities are found, only the first Entity is used as new originator, other entities are discarded.

Failure chain is used if no Related Entity / Customer / Tenant was found, otherwise - Success chain.

Outbound Message will have new originator Id.

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