originator attributes

Add Message Originator Attributes (client\shared\server scope) and Latest Telemetry value into Message Metadata.

Attributes are added into metadata with scope prefix:

  • shared attribute -> shared_

  • client attribute -> cs_

  • server attribute -> ss_

  • telemetry -> no prefix used

For example, shared attribute ‘version’ will be added into Metadata with the name ‘shared_version’. Client attributes will use ‘cs_’ prefix. Server attributes use ‘ss_’ prefix. Latest telemetry value added into Message Metadata as is, without prefix.

Outbound Message Metadata will contain configured attributes if they exist.

To access fetched attributes in other nodes you can use this template ‘metadata.cs_temperature

Note: the rule node has the ability to enable/disable reporting Failure if at least one selected key doesn’t exist in the outbound message.

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