Create Relation

Create the relation from the selected entity to originator of the message by type and direction.

Following Message Originator types are allowed: Asset, Device, Entity View, Customer, Tenant, Dashboard.

Finds target Entity by metadata key patterns and then create a relation between Originator Entity and the target entity.

If selected entity type Asset, Device or Customer rule node will create new Entity if it doesn’t exist and selected checkbox: Create new Entity if not exists.

Note: if selected entity type Asset or Device you need to set two patterns:

  • entity name pattern;

  • entity type pattern.

Otherwise, only name pattern should be set.

  • Direction - following types are allowed: From, To.

  • Relation type - type of directed connections to message originator entity. Default types Contains and Manages can be selected from the drop-down list.

  • Name pattern and Type pattern - can be set direct entity name/type or pattern can be used, that will be resolved to the real entity name/type using Message metadata.

  • Entities cache expiration time - specifies maximum time interval is seconds allowed to store found target entity records. 0 value means that records will never expire.

Message will be routed via Failure chain in the following cases:

  • When Originator entity type is not supported.

  • Target entity doesn’t exist.

In other cases Message will be routed via Success chain.

Note: Since TB Version 2.3 the rule node has the ability to:

  • remove current relations from the originator of the incoming message based on direction and type:

  • change the originator of the incoming message to the selected entity and process outboud messages as messages from another entity:

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