related attributes

Node finds Related Entity of the Message Originator entity using configured query and adds Attributes or Latest Telemetry value into Message Metadata.

Administrator can configure the mapping between original attribute name and Metadata attribute name.

In ‘Relations query’ configuration Administrator can select required Direction and relation depth level. Also set of Relation filters can be configured with required Relation type and Entity Types.

There is Latest Telemetry checkbox in the Node configuration. If this checkbox selected, Node will fetch Latest telemetry for configured keys. Otherwise, Node will fetch server scope attributes.

If multiple Related Entities are found, only first Entity is used for attributes enrichment, other entities are discarded.

If no Related Entity found Failure chain is used, otherwise Success chain.

Outbound Message Metadata will contain configured attributes if they exist.

To access fetched attributes in other nodes you can use this template ‘metadata.tempo

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