Save to Custom

Node stores data from incoming Message payload to the Cassandra database into the predefined custom table that should have cs_tb_ prefix, to avoid the data insertion to the common TB tables.

Please note, that rule node can be used only for Cassandra DB.


Administrator should set the custom table name without prefix: cs_tb_.

Administrator can configure the mapping between the Message field names and Table columns name. If the mapping key is $entityId, that is identified by the Message Originator, then to the appropriate column name(mapping value) will be write the message originator id.

If specified message field does not exist in the data of the message or is not a JSON Primitive, the outbound message will be routed via Failure chain, otherwise, the message will be routed via Success chain.

NOTE: Please make sure that you are not using metadata keys in the configuration - only data keys are possible.

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