How to install the tool

This guide shows how to correctly install the tool.

Search for Windows features.

Open the control panel and scroll down to Virtual Machine Platform.

After installation of the Virtual Machine Platform component, you must restart Windows 11 before proceeding with the installation of WSL components and an Ubuntu application.

Installation of WSL from the Microsoft Store

Duration: 3:00

WSL components are now available as a preview version directly from the Microsoft Store like other Windows applications.

To install the WSL application from the Microsoft Store, open it and search for Windows subsystem.

Click on the item Windows Subsystem for Linux Preview to open the corresponding application page.

Click on Get to download and install the application.

Upon installation, you can click on Open, but it will not do much since there is no Linux distribution installed.

However, if you really want to open the WSL application without installing a distribution, you’ll see a nice and short help message that you must follow in order to make something useful with WSL:

You can now proceed with the installation of Ubuntu.

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