switch script node

Routes incoming Message to one OR multiple output chains. Node executes configured JavaScript function.

JavaScript function receive 3 input parameters:

  • msg - is a Message payload.

  • metadata - is a Message metadata.

  • msgType - is a Message type.

The script should return an array of next Relation names where Message should be routed. If returned array is empty - message will not be routed to any Node and discarded.

Message payload can be accessed via msg variable. For example msg.temperature < 10; Message metadata can be accessed via metadata variable. For example metadata.customerName === 'John'; Message type can be accessed via msgType variable. For example msgType === 'POST_TELEMETRY_REQUEST'

Full script example:

if (msgType === 'POST_TELEMETRY_REQUEST') {
    if (msg.temperature < 18) {
        return ['Low Temperature Telemetry'];
    } else {
        return ['Normal Temperature Telemetry'];
} else if (msgType === 'POST_ATTRIBUTES_REQUEST') {
    if (msg.currentState === 'IDLE') {
        return ['Idle State', 'Update State Attribute'];
    } else if (msg.currentState === 'RUNNING') {
        return ['Running State', 'Update State Attribute'];
    } else {
        return ['Unknown State'];
return [];

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