Create alarm

This Node tries to load latest Alarm with configured Alarm Type for Message Originator. If Uncleared Alarm exist, then this Alarm will be updated, otherwise a new Alarm will be created.

Node Configuration:

  • Alarm Details Builder script

  • Alarm Type - any string that represents Alarm Type


  • is Propagate - whether Alarm should be propagated to all parent related entities.

The rule node has the ability to:

  • read alarm config from message:

  • get alarm type using pattern with fields from message metadata:

The rule node has the ability to:

  • filter propagation to parent entities by relation types:

Alarm Details Builder script used for generating Alarm Details JsonNode. It is useful for storing additional parameters inside Alarm. For example you can save attribute name/value pair from Original Message payload or Metadata.

Alarm Details Builder script should return details object.

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